Personal Power Programme

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Personal Power Programme

The MKF Personal Power Programme

The MKF(UK) Personal Power Programme not only empowers kids with core life skills to become confident, well rounded, polite and disciplined young people but also the real power to defend themselves should they become the victim of an unprovoked attack. The Personal Power Programme is incorporated into our Junior (8-12s) and Teenage classes.


It’s a sad fact but 30% of children are subjected to violent bullying, and over 70% witness fights at school.


The NSPPC report that over 24,000 children per year have counselling to deal with bullying.


The MKF Personal Power Programme will empower your child with the ability to deal with this rising issue through safe, motivational and highly enjoyable, professional martial arts coaching.

In class, your child will:

  • Master the incredible martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu (popularised by the blockbuster Ip Man movies and Bruce Lee)
  • Build health, fitness and confidence levels
  • Make life long friends
  • Be inspired by dynamic coaches

Develop life skills such as:

  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Strong Character
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Courtesy
  • Humility

Learn how to proficiently defend themselves against the most common types of attack

in a safe and child-friendly environment:

  1. Defending and countering a swinging hook
  2. Defending and countering a straight punch
  3. Removing a throat grab
  4. Removing an arm grab
  5. Defending and countering a high kick
  6. Defending and countering a body blow
  7. Dealing a lapel grab and push into a wall
  8. Dealing a head-lock
  9. Defending and countering multiple strikes
  10. Defending and countering multiple attackers
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Teenage Wing Chun
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