Junior Life Mastery

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Junior Wing Chun

Junior life mastery with Meridian Kung Fu

Children today face difficult challenges and increasing pressures all the time. Meridian Kung Fu (UK) wants to help shape a positive future for children through its innovative, child friendly, rewards system, designed to help children make better decisions for the future, become more self confident, and develop into well rounded young people.

In addition to, and in no way sacrificing regular Kung Fu training, each term we will focus on one of “The 12 pillars of Junior Life Mastery” in our “mat chats” just before and after the sessions. These teachings can be supported at home by parents and children participating together, completing a child friendly “ Junior Life Mastery” check list to reinforce the skills learnt in class. Once the children have demonstrated the required effort and conduct in and out of their class, they will be awarded one of our “Junior Life Mastery“ limited edition wristbands. There are 12 to collect, each one displaying the skills learnt that term! Awesome!

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Junior Life Mastery
Junior Life Mastery
Junior Life Mastery Progress chart 2