Adult Wing Chun

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Meridian Kung Fu (UK) offer a unique pathway to mastering the incredible art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Regular classes are structured in such a way to develop all elements of the Wing Chun system and offer progression onto advanced training within our
Elite Training Programme and Instructor Programme.

What does this mean for you?

On completion of the beginner course recruits are integrated into the main group body and can attend regular weekly sessions of their choice and move more freely around the timetable. Each week the students learn a new technique and skill within their belt status. Once all the techniques within their belt status are taught and understood the students are able to grade for the next belt within the system.

Classes will consist of the following structure

Reaction training

We will fine tune your reactions to come to life instinctively. Watch your arms and legs react in a way you never thought they could.

Traditional Form training

Wing Chun has 3 open handed forms that develop and improve technique, speed and core structure. These are taught via a stepping stone system to ensure full understanding  of each aspect within the particular form.

Self defence training

Using Wing Chun concepts and applications you will fine tune core blocks, strikes, footwork through the practice of drills and combinations in controlled scenarios.

Power and speed training

Through the use of training equipment such as focus pads, air shields and heavy bags our programme will encourage the development of powerful, focused strikes and lightning fast combinations.

Chi Sao

Chi sao is the very best way to build up combat skills. This is taught and practiced in a controlled and safe manner.

Personal development

We believe in developing the human spirit and mind. Wing Chun practice will also make you aware of important values and insights that will support and improve your life outside of the school.

Physical Conditioning

Each session includes all primary aspects of physical conditioning – Strength Development, Cardiopulmonary Conditioning and Flexibility Training. Consistent with the unique history and practice of the martial arts, our core curriculum includes high-energy drills designed to build and hone self-control and self-discipline. Through positive coaching we instill confidence and develop skills in personal development, manners and protocol as well as building your personal knowledge in maintaining your personal health and fitness.

Further development

You will be offered the opportunity to participate in our Elite Training Programme (see website for full details). This programme teaches the weapons of Wing Chun, the Wooden Dummy and Chi Kung plus advanced combat and form training should you wish to.

Once a year we recruit for our Coaching Programme offering the opportunity to train to become a qualified Meridian Kung Fu (UK) Instructor.

1-2-1 training is also available.

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