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Meridian Kung Fu has been building confidence and martial arts excellence in Children and Adults across Essex for over 25 years.

Our proven, professional teaching systems will guide you from a complete beginner to a highly competent, confident martial artist irrespective of age or current physical ability.


Beginner classes for children aged between 3-17 through various programmes that build life skills, develop self-confidence and create amazing young martial artists ready for the world.


Wing Chun beginner classes for adults of all abilities that introduce traditional martial arts skills, build confidence, improve health & wellbeing and give the ability to effectively defend self and family if needed.


Specialist weapons and advanced training for adults and children who want to push themselves further and become experts in the advanced elements within the Wing Chun system.

ABOUT Meridian Kung Fu HQ

Meridian Kung Fu Southend/Westcliff & MKF UK Headquarters provides Wing Chun Martial Arts Classes across Southend-on Sea, Essex.

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes start from 5 years old with no upper age limit. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a traditional Martial Art that suits all levels of fitness and ability and is therefore open to anyone that would like to give martial arts a go. Students that have previous experience of Wing Chun, Kung Fu or other Martial Arts such as Karate, Kick Boxing, Judo or MMA are also welcome, as we can cater of all levels of experience and ability.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is considered one of the most effective forms of unarmed combat known and practised throughout the world. If you have previously tried another martial art or self defence discipline such as Karate, Kick Boxing or MMA and it has not worked for you give Wing Chun Kung Fu a try. It is unique, it works and it is different to all the others.


LITTLE SNAKE & CRANES 3:45pm-4:30pm 4:15pm-5:00pm 4:15pm-5:00pm 4:15pm-5:00pm 8:45am-9:30am 8:45am-9:30am
JUNIOR WING CHUN 5:00pm-6:00pm 4:45pm-5:45pm 5:30pm-6:30pm 5:30pm-6:30pm 5:30pm-6:30pm 9:45am-10:45am 9:45am-10:45am
TEENAGE WING CHUN 6:15pm-7:15pm 6:00pm-7:00pm 7:00pm-8:00pm 11:00am-12:00pm 11:00am-12:00pm
ADULT WING CHUN 12:30-1:30pm
6:30pm-7:30pm 12:30pm-1:30pm
7:45pm-8:45pm 11:30am-12:30pm


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My Martial Arts journey began in the mid-seventies. Having had some experience in boxing, it was in 1976 at the height of the Kung Fu boom that I was introduced to Wing Chun Kung Fu through my brother and Sifu Jagjit Ram, who was taught by Master Simon Lau. I spent all my time dedicated to my Wing Chun training.

It was in 1982 that we formed the Academy of Self-Defence. This year also marks the year that I opened my first class, teaching in the East London area. At this time, I was an active member of the World Self Defence Federation, where I held a technical position and was on their judging panel. I ran many courses at home and abroad, with students and instructors attending from all around the world.

It was in 1996 that I opened a class in the Southend area, which became very successful and continues to grow to this day (like Wing Chun).

In 1997 we had opened our first full-time school, one of the first in Essex at the time, under the name of Meridian Kung Fu. Over 25 years later and Meridian Kung Fu branches are run all over Essex. Our Headquarters remain in Southend where I am still teaching adults classes, specialised instructors’ classes and Elite training, which all encompass the finer points within the Wing Chun system. Alongside my Wing Chun studies, I graduated in Homeopathy, teach Fei Hok Chi Kung, and Reiki Healing.

In 2001, I was inducted into the ‘Combat’ Hall of Fame and was a columnist for Combat Martial Art Magazine.

On 16th November 2020 I was awarded the Master grade by the World Self-Defence Federation.

I believe through Wing Chun practice there is a potential for personal transformation, and constant research into the art will allow continual growth. I have the same desire and passion for teaching the art as I did from the day I started.

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My Wing Chun journey began in 1996 under the tuition of Master Sata Chand. I have extensively studied and researched the art under his guidance and inspiration to date.

Highlights in my martial arts career are winning Gold medals in The World Self Defence Federation National Championships, seeing the unbelievably positive impact Wing Chun has had on so many people that I have had the pleasure to teach over the past 25 years and achieving my  my Black Sash 5th Degree in April 2023.

This is a grade that requires extreme competency and skill levels in every aspect of the Wing Chun System including: Combat, Butterfly Knives, 6 Point Pole, Wooden Dummy, 1stForm, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, Philosophy and Spirituality.

When I was awarded this grade (the last one in our curriculum) I attained a lifelong achievement and proved to myself that with the correct mindset & dedication combined with the continual tuition and guidance of a genuine Master of the Art anything is achievable.

Master Chand and I acquired our full-time studio in the summer of 1997.

25 years on our roots are still in that same location although our school has developed into a National Organisation and our student base has grown from a very humble 40 members to in excess of 3000 members. We now have 25 full time Instructors, 40 assistant coaches and run classes every day of the week.

With 25 years Wing Chun experience under such an outstanding Instructor, extensive personal development studies, cutting edge coaching skills systems and hands-on teaching to 1000’s of children and adults over the years, I am proud to play my part in ensuring Meridian Kung Fu (UK) is continually current, growing and striving to bring out the very best from its students

My passion for Wing Chun and teaching this beautiful martial art is as strong today as it was back in 1996. I still can’t wait for each lesson to start, be it as an instructor or as a student.

To witness first-hand the development in children and adults and see the growth in their ability and confidence still amazes me, long may it continue.



I have been a practitioner of Wing Chun Kuen since 2000 under the expert guidance of Sifu Sata Chand. From the moment I started I was blown away by the speed, efficiency and beauty of the Art, and I dedicated much of my time to training and researching the system.

I knew from an early stage in my Wing Chun journey that I wanted to teach the art, so I that could share the many benefits Wing Chun has given me in my own life. This personal goal came to fruition in 2008 when I was given the go-ahead to teach Adults and children.

I opened Meridian Kung Fu Basildon Branch in 2011, teach over 170 practitioners of all age groups. I have students that have been training with me since we first opened, and now some of them have started their own branches having achieved their Black Sash Degree grades

I’m still training and improving my art every day, and I gain great satisfaction in passing on Wing Chun to the next generation of students.

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My Martial Arts journey began, over 20 years ago, in 2001. I joined Meridian Kung Fu at the age of 4, when my only experience of martial arts was watching Sifu Steve and Sifu Sata training and teaching at MKF HQ. I have been brought up in and around the school so Meridian is like a second home to me.

Throughout my childhood I saw and was involved in the progression of Meridian (You may recognise me in the pictures/videos from age 4 up until now). To see what it has become today is incredible and even more amazing that I get to continually train alongside such experts in this field as well as instruct for HQ, but also in my own branches now held in Leigh-On-Sea & Eastwood.

I joined the Junior MKF Coaching Team from the age of 11 learning continually until I reached 19 years old, where I got the opportunity to run my own branch in Leigh-On-Sea. 4 years later and I now run 12 classes in the SS9 Postcode each week, as well as running all Kids Elite Training Groups (Weapons Training) and regular classes at our main HQ for Kids; overall teaching around 500 kids every week!)

My goal is to pass as much knowledge and wisdom to the youth of today, I find I can understand and get across exactly what & how the children need to learn because I have been through everything they will go through, as I have been in their position before.

Through Wing Chun, not only have I learnt to become confident in my personal abilities in the art, but I also learn to challenge myself every day to improve in all aspects of life. Furthermore, I have found that the principles I have learnt have carried over into some of the most difficult, and also the best parts of life. I am a keen student in Wing Chun Kung Fu alongside personal development. My passion for the art and personal growth becomes stronger as I get older!



I started Wing Chun with Meridian Kung Fu (UK) under the expert tuition of SIfu Sata Chand in 2006 at the age of 9, and I have had a passion for it since day one. Meridian has helped me develop so many great qualities and attributes, its life changing. I knew Meridian was the place for me to improve myself, learning important qualities such as confidence, life skills, focus levels, fitness levels.

3 years into training Wing Chun I joined the elite programme to improve my progress and knowledge of Wing Chun, which involves using the Butterfly swords and the wooden pole. I was then given the opportunity to start as an assistant coach at the club and I took the opportunity with no hesitation. Through dedicated training and coaching I started to learn all the skills I needed to teach all ages. Since then I progressed my way to up Apprentice instructor, completing my Level 2 Activity leadership and Level 3 leisure management NVQ qualifications.

I’m now a full time Wing Chun instructor. I run classes at Southend HQ and I also assist at other branches. And now running my own branch in South Woodham Ferrers. I thrive on passing the knowledge of what I’ve learnt from Meridian, to students all ages as it great to see them benefit from doing Wing Chun and seeing how much it improves their lives.



My name is Sifu Ben Richardson and I run the Billericay area of Meridian Kung fu whilst also running classes at both the Rayleigh and Southend branches as well. I have been studying and training within the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu for 23 years and I currently have a Second-Degree black sash.

Alongside my normal training I also participate in a once-a-month Mastery course where I learn to train with the weapons of the system. I have been teaching the Martial Art for 13 years working alongside some fantastic instructors during this time.

My passion for teaching started when I was 16 when I was asked to work within the P.E department within my secondary school at the time. This then led me down a path where I studied at South Essex College for 4 years gaining the top grade possible, from here I went to the University of Essex where I gained a 2:2 in Sport Studies.

Finally, I undertook an intense one-year teacher training course allowing me to teach at a College Level where I worked for 2 years before making the decision to leave and teach Martial Arts full time.

Rob Red Top


My name is Sifu Rob. I started training Wing Chun at 9 Years Old as a way of building confidence and learning to stand up to bullies.

Shortly after joining MKF, I found a level of personal achievement I'd not experienced anywhere else and decided to continue and see how far I could go. At 16 I began working in classes as a volunteer assistant instructor and moved to full time Assistant Instructor at 17.

I began running my own classes at 20 to complete my training as a fully fledged Instructor before opening my own branch of the school at 22.

Having started training while young and growing up as a member of MKF, I've seen the amount of good training Wing Chun can do. As an instructor I aim to make my classes as fun and engaging as possible for my students while also providing a solid learning environment.

Around Meridian HQ


Our Facilities:

  • Olympic approved wall to wall floor mats
  • Professionally designed training rooms
  • Traditional training equipment
  • Modern training equipment
  • Child specific training equipment
  • Adult specific training equipment
  • Welcoming reception and waiting area
  • Pro shop for all your martial arts equipment and kit
  • Adult changing facilities
  • Professional, fully qualified and accredited,
  • CRB approved A grade instructors
  • Changing rooms
  • Secured private car park
  • Toilets
  • Two professional and fully equipped training room
  • High end, quality, specialist wing chun training equipment
  • Reception area.



Meridian Kung Fu HQ,10a West St, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6HJ